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Q1 Access to product information.
To ensure a prompt reply and product feedback please choose from the following options.
►Internet:Nichibo website contains the latest corporate news and product update.
►Telephone:Trained personnel to answer your purchase, usage or technical enquiries.  Select contact at the bottom right corner on website home page or simply go to《Contact Us》and selectSalesSupportfor the correspondent contact window in various service regions.
►Catalogue:Please go to《Contact Usor call us to obtain your copy of catalogue.
►Exhibition:Nichibo regularly attends major Expos in Taipei and China.  Please check out our news update section in home page.

Q2 How do you find your specification requirements from our website?

In order to enable our customers to get the message of the company related products in the fastest and most convenient case, NICHIBO provides a variety of ways to meet customer needs. Through the Internet, the Internet can be convenient and timely Hit the Company News and product information. Telephone consultation about the use of the motor, buy, and technical inquiries, we are specialist at your service, and welcome your inquiries. Relevant contact person and contact way to this site "support services" page, select "Customer Service" page mailing catalog welcome to apply online or call to obtain, to the site "online contact" page, select "Online Catalog" page, simply leave your details, we will serve you as soon as possible. Every year, the exhibition of the Company held at the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition to showcase the most new models of motor and explanations on the spot to do a two-way communication with customers.

Q3 Can’t find the motor you are looking for?

 Go to Contact Usleave your message and contact detail.  We will arrange a customer service personnel to contact you as soon as possible.

Q4 How to apply for samples?

We provide custom-made motors and prompt sampling services.  Please feel free to contact your nearest sales representatives in either Taiwan or China.  For contact information, simply select  "Contact Info"  on the bottom right of the front page or 《SalesSupport under 《Contact Us》.

Q5 Are there any charges for samples? How long is the L/T?

We provide free samples under the following condition:

►Dc Motor

There are no charges for samples less than 5 pieces. However, this does not apply to our 987、775、770、755、750 motor.

Logistic Fee

Please choose the following delivery options: 

•Pay-on-site:Please ask the delivery agent for receipt. 

•Container: For Taiwan only. No charges incurred but takes 10~20 days to deliver. 

Lead Time

Basically 3~4 working days. Subject to change according to the actual situation.

Q6 What is the MOQ per order? What is the lead time?

MOQ is 5000 pieces per order. Lead time is 45 days and subject to change.

Q7 How do I place an order?

Either choose the nearest sales to discuss delivery point, date and payment terms, or select contact information on the bottom right corner in homepage or go toSalesSupportinContact Ussection.

Q8 What can I do if a defect is found?

As our principle of honesty and sincerity, we place your complain in first priority and provide the fastest technical support. If a defect situation is encountered, please kindly send back the product and we shall provide you a full report of investigation in the shortest time possible.

Q9 Is there any provision of retail DC motor?

 Nichinbo only accept OEM/ODM order. We don't provide retail service.