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Brushless DC motor Description

Structure, Theory

BLDC consists of Hall IC, Control board and motor itself. Hall IC is in charge of detecting the change of magnetic field to settle the position of rotor. After the system can precisely detect the position of rotor, the Bridge circuit in the board will switch the bi-polar/MOS according to the position signal generated by Hall circuit. The whole is a closed loop control system for angular velocity control.

Comparison of Efficiency

The energy transferring process, electrical magnetic physical rotation, of BLDC exist no physical contact so the efficiency of BLDC is much higher than traditional DC brush motor.

BLDC: up to the life of bearing

DC brush motor: up to the life of brush and commutator.

※What kinda application is suitable for BLDC?
    Waterproof & dustproof
    High initial trque
    Long life

※Application field
    Power tool
    Biomedical engineering instrument
    OA equipment